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Physical Therapy

Old woman on exercise therapy in nursing homeWhether you are living in pain because of an injury, or if you need help rehabilitating your physical capabilities, 1st Care Home Health Services has got your back! We have a wide range of services, designed to help get you back on your feet such as:

  • Balance and Coordination Development Enhancement
  • Strength and Mobility Recuperation
  • Range of Motion Exercise
  • Back or Spinal Injury Exercises
  • Basic Leaning Skills Re-Education
  • Cervical Injuries Exercises
  • Muscle Spasms/Strains Training
  • Orthopedics
  • Pain Management Exercises
  • Post-Surgery Care
  • Sports Injuries Recovery

We can help get you back on your feet and living a normal life, we got you covered! If you would like to learn more about our services and what we can do for you, please give us a call now at 317-214-9999.